Technical Lifting

Our Specialist Lifting Services

Heavy lifting or technical lifting projects are very much part of the core areas of expertise at RRS Group. Our in-house knowledge and capability to deliver the most complex of heavy lifts is something we are incredibly proud of and are delighted to share in any project requirements or discussions with our clients. 

Our lifting specialists offer full 360-degree management of heavy lifting requirements from survey to load calculations to skilled site personnel, the correct state-of-the-art equipment and specialist transport to deliver projects with risk-free, safe and practical methods. We seek to maintain the safety and accuracy of all lifting projects which includes the site personnel, the load itself and the environment we are working in from a busy construction site to a large industrial manufacturing plant.

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Technical Lifting Specialists

Our expertise extends across every industrial and construction sector, where we specialise in the movement of heavy plant and equipment. From the relocation of Chemical Tanks to the precise handling of Transformers, and from the transport of Heavy Presses to the installation of Furnaces, we excel in providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industrial needs. 

Our team of heavy lifting specialists are adept at managing the complexities associated with diverse equipment, ensuring the seamless and secure transportation of vital machinery across various industrial domains. Whether dealing with large-scale industrial processes or intricate construction projects, RRS Group stands as a trusted partner, committed to delivering efficient and reliable lifting services tailored to the unique requirements of each sector.

Our specialist lifting plant is comprehensive from hydraulic lifting gantries to our Hydra-Slide skidding system and our engineered solutions are best practice, industry tested and professionally executed.  

Heavy Lifting Services

We specialise in a wide range of heavy lifting services including plant moves, mega lift solutions, hydra-slide, and skidding systems. We are proficient in designing, constructing, and installing customised mega-lifting solutions that cater to various global clients. Our expertise extends from serving small businesses to multinational industries, ensuring that each client receives specialist lifting solutions for their unique requirements. 

Whether you need lifting beams, jib cranes, runway beams, or off-the-shelf lifting tackle, we deliver an unparalleled level of service, ensuring efficiency and precision in every heavy lifting project.

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RRS Transport case studies with large machinery on back of truck

Sectors We Work With

We specialise in providing technical heavy lifting services to a diverse range of sectors, including Defence, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Utilities, Chemicals, Civil & Construction, Power & Energy Generation, Renewables, and major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 

Our expertise covers various industries, allowing us to offer lifting solutions to meet the unique and intricate heavy-lifting requirements of each sector. Whether supporting critical operations in Defence, handling precision moves in the Automotive and Aerospace industries, facilitating production processes in Food & Beverage, or contributing to infrastructure development in Civil & Construction, our technical lifting services are designed to ensure efficiency, safety, and success across various sectors and for key OEM partnerships.

Our Work

Discover our most recent heavy lifting project at RRS Group for a global tier 1 Automotive brand involving contract lifting and machine installation using specialist craneage.

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