Industrial Machine Storage

Heavy Machinery Storage & Oversized Goods

At RRS Group we specialise in providing comprehensive Industrial Machine Storage Solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of manufacturers. Our Industrial Storage Services are designed to accommodate both short-term and long-term storage requirements, offering a flexible and secure environment for your valuable machinery.

Ideal for manufacturers undergoing factory relocations, production line adjustments, or the installation of new equipment, our Heavy Machinery Storage facilities ensure the safekeeping of substantial machines removed from the factory floor. At RRS Group, we understand the importance of maintaining operational continuity, and our Oversized Goods Storage Solutions are crafted to facilitate a seamless transition for your industrial equipment, providing you with the space and security necessary for your business to thrive.

Heavy Machinery Storage Solutions

We offer practical industrial Storage Solutions as part of our turnkey services. With four warehouses situated across the UK, we provide ample Breakbulk Storage for breakbulk and oversized goods. Our facilities can accommodate various equipment from heavy plant machinery to presses and transformers.

We handle unloading efficiently, ranging from single pallets to large machinery, utilising specialised equipment like 40/60-versa lifts and gantry cranes with capacities of up to 100 tonnes internally and 250 tonnes externally. Our storage warehouses feature dedicated racking space for 4000 standard pallets, ensuring organised storage.

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Secure Machinery Storage Facilities

We prioritise the security of your valuable assets through our dedicated Industrial Machine Storage services. Our facilities have robust security measures, including 24/7 CCTV monitoring, fenced yards, and controlled access through gated entry using key fobs.

We adhere to RHA warehousing conditions, ensuring that your Heavy Machinery is stored under reliable and secure conditions. With a commitment to straightforward and effective Breakbulk Storage Solutions, RRS Group provides peace of mind for manufacturers seeking a trusted partner for the secure storage of their industrial equipment.

The Benefits Of Our Industrial Machine Storage

Global Experience and Presence: With four depots established across the UK, including two in Portsmouth, one in the Midlands, and another in Scotland, we have been serving clients since our establishment in 2000.

Fully Accredited: Formally accredited to ISO Integrated Management standards for Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental management system processes as well as Safe Contractor, Constructionline and JOSCAR certifications.

Security Measures: Continuous 24/7 CCTV monitoring, fenced yards, and gated entry with key fob access, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable industrial machinery.

Efficient Unloading: Experience efficient unloading processes, ranging from single pallets to large machinery.

Dedicated Racking Space: Benefit from our warehouses featuring dedicated racking areas, providing organised heavy equipment storage for up to 4000 standard pallets.


Sectors We Work With

At RRS Group, our expertise in Heavy Equipment Storage extends across diverse sectors, demonstrating our commitment to providing tailored solutions for a wide range of industries. We work with various clients in the Defence, Automotive, Utilities, Pharma & Healthcare, Civil & Construction, Power & Energy Generation, Renewables, Research and Development industries, as well as with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Our comprehensive approach ensures that we meet the unique Industrial Equipment Storage needs of each sector, offering secure and efficient solutions for heavy machinery that contribute to the success and operational excellence of our clients across various industries.

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