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Factory Relocation

RRS Group is considered by many of our clients as one of the best independently managed and privately owned machinery moving contractors nationally. We are machine-moving contractors with a focus on machine installation, factory relocations, removal and factory strip-out projects and services, having delivered hundreds of projects requiring our experience, knowledge and capabilities over the last two decades.  

Our experience and expertise demonstrate that we can handle even the most complex or technical lifting with our specialised machinery moving equipment in any industrial process or manufacturing sector. From a single machinery offload to a full turnkey factory relocation or capital equipment installation, RRS Group supports our customers through the entire stage of the project from a one-day machine move to twelve months on a factory site. We work constantly as partners with our clients, getting the job done, right first time and to budget. 

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Contact RRS Group today on 02392669714 to enquire about our Machine Moving Services. Our highly experienced team are ready to assist, and advise you on the best solution to suit your Machine Moving and Factory Relocation needs.

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Machinery Moving Contractors

Our group divisions enhance the complete project service portfolio as we offer our own industrial machinery transport and storage facilities making our clients feel completely supported and finding solutions to any machinery move or logistics requirement. 

For many years RRS Group has been able to offer machine moving services to any machinery move project and we’ve delivered successful outcomes time after time. Our depth of knowledge is unique from lifting and moving complex or sensitive equipment in the defence, food or brewing sectors to large and heavy presses and tool room machinery relocations in the aerospace and automotive manufacturing sectors. 

RRS Group works extensively with Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM’s becoming their installation partners, offloading and positioning every type of manufacturing or production equipment and machinery.

RRS Transport case studies with large machinery on back of truck

Why Choose Us?

At RRS Group we prioritise safety and reliability above all else. With extensive industry experience, we’ve developed a solution to minimise the risks associated with relocating heavy machinery. Our approach focuses on minimising disruptions and ensuring timely installations to keep your operations running smoothly. 

We collaborate closely with your team to understand your priorities and address any challenges specific to your equipment. This collaborative effort allows us to tailor a precise plan aligned with your business needs, ensuring efficient execution at every step. 

Factory Relocation Services

We pride ourselves on being a leading provider of cost-effective heavy machinery relocation services, drawing upon years of experience in the field. Our skilled team of machine moving specialists have successfully assisted numerous clients in relocating their manufacturing facilities, earning us a reputation for excellence in the industry.  

Specialising in heavy machinery and equipment installation, relocation, removal, and factory strip-out projects, we have tackled a diverse range of challenges over the past years, establishing ourselves as a reliable partner in the industrial and manufacturing processes.  

With a focus on collaboration, as machinery moving contractors we work closely with our clients, offering not only machinery relocation services but also access to our own machinery transport and storage facilities

Specialist Machinery Movers

  • RRS Group is an established and experienced Machinery Removal, Installation, Transport & Storage contractor with Nationwide and International coverage.
  • Working for our clients within their budget, project timing, final goals and health, safety and full technical and project management support.
  • RRS Group is structured to be solution driven responsive and competitive
  • Flexible capability for a single-machine move, right up to a large turnkey project.

Sectors We Work With

Our expertise in machine moving and factory relocations extends across various industries including Automotive, Plastics, Metals, Canning, Aerospace, Defence, Paper and Card, Packaging, Chemicals, Power, Utilities, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Distilling, Dairy, Construction, and Energy. 

We understand the unique challenges and requirements each sector presents, allowing us to tailor our machinery moving services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s machine-moving heavy equipment in the automotive sector or executing precision moves in the aerospace industry, RRS Group has a proven track record of success across a wide range of sectors.


Our Work

Discover our most recent machine moving project at RRS Group involving the relocation of several machines and comprehensive machinery installation for a global automotive manufacturing client.

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